Instant alerts about what's important... to you.

Being the first to know is always an advantage.

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Alerts, reimagined.

Signal's perspective is unique in the marketplace. Our advanced event detection algorithms deliver news as it's about to break.

Your customized alerts put you in a first-responder position. First to know can be first to act.

Signal has you covered.

Social media offers a steady stream of information and opinions, 24/7. Buried within all of that noise are data points that, when aggregated, deliver what matters most to you, as it's happening.

Signal cuts through the noise and notifies you when your chose topics become buzz worthy.

• Access sentiment and volume trends.

• See in real-time who is influencing the larger discussion.

• Monitor topics based on discussion volume, and stay on top of what's hot in the social media world and beyond.

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Hypertarget your messaging.

Easily identify sweet spots for targeted messaging via key influencers, URLs and historical datapoint analysis.

The metadata provided by signal tells you exactly what's happening, who is driving it, and what's being written about it in the press.

Designed for modularity, and ready to be deployed.

Let's talk about how signal fits into your industry scenario.